wilde-whimsy said: I LOVE your tumblr, so I have a question for you.

How do you feel about movie-adaptations of books? I make it a point to read the book before I even think about watching the movie, but if it's a book I really like, I don't watch the movie period. Something about it just moves me the wrong way a bit.
[But if I have no emotional attachment to the book, I'll watch away. Go figure.]

Do you watch the movies of the books you like?

Thank you!

Me personally, I tend to watch the film adaptions just out of curiosity. I always envision things in my head, so I wonder how the director will portray it on screen. I always, always, always read the book first though. I absolutely loathe when people say “Oh, I love Harry Potter…y’know, the films?” It actually makes my stomach turn.

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Anonymous said: Harry Potter series. I promise, you will never once regret it.

Yeah, I run a Harry Potter blog (mugglenet) :) So I know what you mean, haha!

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turveytops said: Not sure if you are still accepting Book Bucket submissions, but I have one which I thought I just couldn't pass up adding!

Title: Treasure Island
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Genre: Classic Adventure
Summary: The ultimate adventure story of epic proportions, Treasure Island is the original pirate story combining elements of betrayal, bravery, treachery and courage, presented with authentic nautical attitude, to form the most suspenseful novel I've read in many years.

Just wanted to display what the perfect submission for the Book Bucket looks like. I’m sorry, I love you all but for a literary blog…something like: MAH BOOK IZ CALLED TWILITE AND IT’S YOUNG TEEN FICTIN AND IT’S REALLY GOOD, PLEASE HAVE YOU REAd?

Yeah. No.

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quirrellmort said: I just wanted to say I like you so much more now that I found out you're a Nerdfighter. DFTBA.

FUCK YES. Are you kidding?! John Green is like my favourite author (next to JKR)! I love everything that man does. And Hank is adorbs.

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Which books do you guys hope to get for Christmas?

(Or equivalent holiday. No discrimination, sorry, it’s just what I celebrate!)

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Got a new book yesterday, as a secret santa present.

It’s called Battle Royale. It’s a Japanese fiction about 42 ninth grade students who get sent to an island and have to fight to the death. It was banned in Japan, it seems sort of similiar to the Hunger Games (but this one was published first). Anyone read it?

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I’m going to be away for a few days, due to the Christmas holidays.

As soon as I’m back, I’ll post the Book Bucket so far and update about all of the exciting novels I got for Christmas. If you wanted to follow my personal blog, I may be able to update there through my blackberry…so check me out.

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spraynard said: Hi, when will you be doing the Book Bucket thing? ^_^

Early next week! I’ve got a couple hundred messages to sift through. I’m going to be compiling it by the number of people who liked the book and then just by the overall quality of the mini-review, as well as my own opinions/experiences. Soon! It’ll be good, promise :)

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I just finished reading this book called “Will Grayson, Will Grayson”


By John Green and David Levithan. There’s this conversation of Will Grayson and his buddy. goes like this:

Buddy:so you’re g a y?

Will: yes

Buddy: So you put your thing where he defecates?that’s disgusting

Will: Well, you put your thing on where she U r i na tes and have her monthly period.

Buddy: Oh, I haven’t of thought

Cool eh.

I agree. I was totally disappointed, considering John Green is my second favourite author.


Wake up early mornin’ to a bar of dark chocolate and a coffee.

Oh hai crookedbook. This is your admin! :)


Wake up early mornin’ to a bar of dark chocolate and a coffee.

Oh hai crookedbook. This is your admin! :)

So, did the queue just decide not to work today? Because all of my posts for today on here and on MuggleNet are both just…gone…

Honestly, I love Tumblr but they need to get their act together. This should be a proper blogging platform, this isn’t the project of some recent web design graduate.  There should be some professionalism happening here.

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Perks of Being a Wallflower

Perks of Being a Wallflower